Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Christmas Room Inspirations

Hello Everyone! As its DECEMBER TOMORROW!?! (It gone too fast) I thought it was only right to start off the season with my first Christmas blog of the year. I love Christmas and all things festive so decorating my room only seemed right especially now that I have my own newly decorated one. So my job here is to show you all the things that I have done to my room to give you festive inspiration.

 Christmas would be incomplete without festive scented candles. This one I am burning in my room is the Yankee Candle Candy Cane Lane candle. This candle smells insane, it makes your room/ house smell like you are living in a world full of Candy Canes and it is the best thing I have possibly ever smelt in my whole life. If you haven't smelt this or ever had this candle you need to right now... find your closest shop and buy it now.

The next thing I would put into my room is fawns... these, I have no idea why, but these remind me of Christmas... don't know why. However they do and if you don't have one in your room at Christmas I feel you need one. Also I put a big glass sweet jar behind the fawn with some left over baubles in and candy canes.... Now I love candy canes both to eat and for decorations so this just looks beautiful on my desk.

 A CHRISTMAS TREE! Without this you are missing out on the festivities. A Christmas tree is necessary for getting into the Christmas spirit as it adds to the atmosphere with the lights glistening in the background when you're working or even just sat watching the TV. When decorating the tree it is up to you what you put on it. I have gone for a theme that matches my bedroom colours (pinks, rose golds, gold and silver) Don't get me wrong I love a mish mash tree with decorations collected over the years, however I have always preferred a themed tree with specific colours on it... just how I like it. Another thing I have done is hang the spare baubles off my curtain lights that hang behind my bed. I think this makes that side of my room seem extra Christmassy.

The final thing to make your room extra festive is to get on your best festive PJ's and snuggle up with book. At the minute I am reading Zoe Sugg's new book Girl Online: Going Solo. So far it has been amazing and if you haven't already I would highly recommend reading it.

Thank you for reading! I really hope you are all as excited for Christmas as I am. What is your favourite part of Christmas? Fell free to tell me in the comments below.

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