Friday, 19 August 2016

Huge Clothing Haul!

Hello Everyone!
I'm going to do a haul for you all today. Its been a while... maybe a month or two and I have recently been loving watching peoples hauls on YouTube. I did some shopping and some damage was done and now I'm going to share it with you! I shopped at 3 different shops Primark, ASOS, and New Look. Lets get started!

Okay so as imagined ASOS have some really nice things in at the minute and some of them just fell into my basket... I don't know how that happened.
To start with I bought myself a new autumn/winter coat because I love coats and I felt it was time to get a new parka. This one is simply by ASOS and no in particular brand within ASOS. I really love the colour of it as I have never had a Khaki coloured Parka before and have had black and burgundy ones. I really love this coat a lot as it fits amazingly. I got the size above what I normally do because when I am wearing chunky jumpers I will need to have that little be more space for the jumper.  (Sorry for the awful demonstration photo, I will leave links to everything in this blog in the comment section below so you can  look at it properly)
The next item I bought was this really gorgeous purse. I have had the same purse for around 3-4 years now so I decided it was time to get a new one. I searched and search the shops and I couldn't really
find one I liked all that much because I am quite fussy. However when I saw this one I fell in love and just had to buy it! And it matches my new room which is just a slight bonus.

The next two items I bought were both of similar type so I will put them together. I got a which cami top that has ruffles on the front and back. I really like this top because its isn't just like a day to day top as I feel it could be dressed up with some smart trousers and posh shoes, however it can also be pulled off on a day to day business. The second top was from New Look on ASOS (confusing I know) and its a burgundy cami with a small lace panel in the front and the straps are crossed over at the back. It is one of the most gorgeous tops I have seen in a long time and I feel in love with it instantly. (Again the picture doesn't do it justice)
 I got a new bobble hat which is cream and chunky knit and gorgeous. I love it so much! I honestly don't think I have had a bobble hat in a really long time and I have missed them so I thought it was time to repurchase myself one.
The final thing from ASOS I got was a new pair of black high waisted skinny jeans. I have never owned a pair of high waisted black jeans so I felt now was a better time than ever. I just got the regular jeans and they fitted perfectly which is very strange for me because I rarely find a pair of jeans that fits me so I was very happy.

New Look-
The next few purchases were from multiple journeys to New Look.
The first things are two skirts which I bought. One of them is an A-Line button down skirt that it pale blue and I love it a lot, I love how the fashion these days is very 90's. The other skirt I got is a grey, black and burgundy skirt that's like checked and I love it a lot . I have a very similar one that pink and white which is for sure a much more summery skirt compared to this one.

I got a new pair of dungarees because I practically live in my black pair I thought it was only right to get a blue denim pair because I just love them so much. I find them so comfortable and useful for those days where you don't know what to wear so you can just throw them on. I will try my hardest to find all of the things from New Look online for you but some of them were bought in a sale so I may have to find similar items.
Finally from New Look I bought this gorgeous pink jumper which says "Weekends. I love you" on the front and I just love it so much!  Its so fluffy on the outside and cosy to wear. I would defiantly say this is one of my favourite purchases over the past few months. I love the fact that this would look really cute with a little shirt underneath and the collar sticking out.

This is the final item! I didn't actually buy this as my dad bought me it when he went shopping and I love it so much! Its this gorgeous dusky pink coloured jumper with little collars and the bottom of the shirt sticking out at the bottom. What I love most about this is that there isn't actually a shirt attached and its rather just the decoration, which means I can just throw on a little strap top or a plain t-shirt and not have to worry about it at all. (Please note Primark doesn't have an online store so I will be unable to find this online for you!)

Thank you so much for reading! I will for sure leave links to everything I can find in the comments section below and if you have any questions leave them in the same area.


  1. Coat-
    Burgundy Cami- (Unable to locate)
    White Cami-
    Purse- (Unable to Locate)
    Dungarees- (Similar)
    Checked Skirt-
    Button Up skirt-
    Pink New Look jumper-

    That is all of the clothes that I could find, I'm sorry I couldn't locate the burgundy cami and the purse but ASOS do often change their stock quickly, however I'm sure you will be able to find some very similar elsewhere <3
    x0x0 Summer Dreaming x0x0

  2. Love your haul, the bobble hat is my favourite then the burgundy cami and black jeans. Good choices.