Thursday, 21 July 2016

Miniature Home wear Haul

Hello Everyone!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful first few days of their summer holidays. To start the summer off for you all I thought I would write up a little home wear haul for you to read while you are all cosy in your rooms or enjoying the beautiful weather that we have experiencing recently.
As you will know if you read my previous blog post, I am in the middle of redecorating my bedroom. And what better way to start doing that than buying a few new items to make the room feel that extra special.
The first shop I visited naturally was B&Q, which if you don't know is essentially a massive DIY store which stocks everything from toilets to soft toys.... its very random but you are guaranteed to find at least one thing that you intended to get. I decided that it was time for me to get a new lamp shade and a new bedside lamp so the first area we went to massive lighting section. I picked up this adorable light shade that looks like a vintage birdcage in a kind of creamy beige colour. Which I absolutely adore and I feel like it just seem to add a little extra from the six year old light shade a had previous to this. Again from B&Q I picked up a new bedside light which personally I think is the best lamp I have ever come across, you basically don't have any switch to turn it off and on and basically you just touch the stand/ base of the light and it turns on.... I know, cool right? It's in this gorgeous baby pink colour which goes perfectly with the paint that I also bought which I am super excited about. I got the paint in the colour 'pink pink' which in my opinion sounds like it would be insanely pink.... it isn't its much more of white with a hint of pink much like the lamp shown above. I cant quite remember how much any of these things were but you can always find your own replacements or even go to your local B&Q to see.
The next item I believe was from a little shop in my local area and it is this adorable little pink glass jar ornament thingy.... I absolutely love things like this to put necklaces and random little trinkets in. I'm not one hundred percent how much this cost but I love it so much!
And last but no least is a slight obsession of mine at the minute..... I'm not ashamed to say what it is because I love it! I recently went this local book store of mine and they had a set of china fawn book ends for only £10 which I had been looking around for, for months until I actually found these ones. Normally these china fawn bookends are like £30 to sometimes up to £70 which to me is a lot of money. I'm not one hundred percent sure that the book store knew how valuable they were but I'm not going to complain one little bit.  Obviously in this picture I placed the rest of my fawn collection in there because I just love them so much!!!

Thank you so much for reading! What would you buy if you got to redecorate your room? There will be more hauls like this one coming very soon so keep your eyes peeled. Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below.

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