Friday, 15 July 2016

Decorating my Bedroom- Update 1

Hello Everyone!
There is nothing I love more than having a fresh start, new clothes, new stationary and newly painted rooms. So when I was told I was aloud to redecorate my bedroom I was beyond excited to get straight into it. I have decided to go for a pink, cream and grey theme in terms of colours because I was perusing Pinterest and the rooms with these colours stood out to me so much. Over the next few week I will update you on my room and the different things that are happening with it. Whether that's painting all the walls white or even just simply cluttering to make room for everything, I will keep you updated to the max.
At the minute I am busy looking at paints that I am going to use to ensure that I have to correct shade that I want to have. I'm am looking on B&Q at the minute which is the perfect place to look for paint if you are redecorating because they just have the most amazing range of different paint shades. I want to ensure that you all get updates on what I am doing with my room and then at the end when it is fully complete (i.e. actually has room for me to move in) 
I recently painted the room in its first coat of white paint to get the original colour of my room removed. The colour was a dark turquoise colour and was extremely difficult to paint over. It has also been there for 6 years of my life and was quite chipped and broken in many places where my clock had been and where different posters and furniture's had been over the past 6 years. I will now leave a few pictures of the first stage of redecoration.
This is the colour of the room before I painted it
(Apparently I have deleted the pictures and I have now painted it a lot more.... I am very sorry. I will show you photos when I actually do more on it)

I am going to attempt to get this done before school begins again in September. I hope you enjoy watching the process of my decoration and if you have any questions about it please feel free to ask me in the comments below!

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