Friday, 3 June 2016

Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations: First Impressions

Hello! Today a very exciting package arrived. This package contained some of the new Zoella Beauty range: Sweet Inspirations. I was super excited about this range and I thought I would share my first impressions with you on here. Lets get Started!

  1. Bath Latte- This smells DEVINE! Honestly it doesn't smell like I thought it would. It has a milky feel to it, which is quite fitting because it is in this gorgeous packaging that looks like a milk bottle you would get delivered to your door. It was very easy to open which I preferred as I found the previous body washes/ bubble baths quite difficult to open. Overall this is an amazing product for such a good price. (Price at Superdrug: £6.00)
  2. Le Fizz- I have loved both of the previous bath bomb bars that Zoe has released and it was no surprise to me that when I smelled this through the packet that I would fall in love with it. This was the first thing I smelt when I received them and I fell in love with the scent. The packaging is just beautiful and as Zoe said very 20's themed, I cannot wait to try this later on. (Price at Superdrug: £5.00)
  3. Sugar Dip- This is a first for the Zoella Beauty range and I can say that I am super excited to try some of these out. The packaging is nothing like I have ever seen in any other beauty product and I love how original it is. The only issue is that I would want to throw the packaging away because it is so pretty. It was so easily openable and to be honest you get a lot within the package for the price which I absolutely love. (Price at Superdrug: £6.00)
  4. Life is Sweet coin purse- I am in love with this new bag because it is so small and easily compactable. I love the colour that it has as it is a gorgeous baby blue colour. I cant wait to fill this with all of my essentials for school. (I may even do a blog about it) Its such a reasonable price for what it is and I highly recommend it! (Price at Superdrug: £6.00)
What about you?
-Which product are you dying to try out?
-Which is your favourite Zoella Beauty range?
Let me know in the comments below! <3

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