Sunday, 10 April 2016

Morning Routine 2016

Hello everyone! A morning routine is something that everyone has that is unique to them, some do different things in different orders. I thought I would share with you what my daily morning routine is.
First thing is that I wake up a 7:00am every morning and get up. I tend to have my breakfast first which means I have time to wake up a little before doing my make-up. I most have food like cereal and toast for my breakfast as it is the easiest things to do in the morning before school. While eating my breakfast I will often catch up on peoples videos from the night before on YouTube or I will watch a bit of Netflix (Pretty little liars is a particular favourite) I will then go into the bathroom to wash my face with Liz Earl Hot Cloth Cleanser before doing my make-up.
Next I will head into my room and get changed into my uniform (much to my disgust) and open my curtains so that I have the best possible lighting for doing my make-up. I will then lay out the things I want to use (There will be a blog on my day to day make-up going up very soon) and get started this normally takes my around half an hour to do my hair and make-up. By this point it is normally 8:00am.
I will then head into my kitchen and put my lunch and water into my school bag ready for the day (At this point I will also normally put things like homework and text books needed for the day into my bag. I will then head into the bathroom to do my teeth etc.
It will be around 8:15am by this point which means I have about 9-10 minutes to sit and read a book or do something else. When it is 8:24-25am I tend to leave the house to meet my friends to go to school.
Thank you so much for reading! What do you do for your morning routine, feel free to tell me below in the comments!

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